Geohedrons – Matt Martin

Deadline: 11:59pm GMT on Monday 17th October.
Find the application form here.

Poetry Games is an exhibition of playful and interactive poetic works held at the National Poetry Library. Running from October 20th to January 15th, as part of London Literature Festival, Poetry Games will explore the intersection of game-making and poetry through digital and physical games, and a programme of conversational and workshop events. 

As part of this programme, Playing Poetry and Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre are launching a co-commission for two makers to collaborate on a new piece of game-based poetic work. We are looking for UK-based poets, artists and game-makers with an interest in crossing genre, form and format. We are open to all forms of poetic and ludic creation. Some examples of works that give an idea of what we mean are:

WORD/PLAY by Helen Bowie
Sweet Mystress by Jon Stone
Nested by Orteil
A Tiny Jenga by Astra Papachristodoulou
And I made sure to hold your head sideways by Jenny Jiao Hsia
A lake in America by Rare Animals

Who we are looking for

We want to know about your practice and why you would be interested in the collaborative process. Our aim is to find and support two individual artists with different skills and backgrounds, who would benefit from the collaborative process and knowledge-sharing

The co-commission will pay each artist a £1000 fee. We can also discuss additional expenses required to showcase work, and production support or mentoring. The commissioned artists would be supported in the collaborative process by our team with the final piece being launched in January at the National Poetry Library and exhibited later in the year at Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre. 

Erratum – Jon Stone

What the co-commission will entail

This is a process based commission, with the end goal of a shared piece of work. How this is achieved and interpreted is up to you. We would like to have two public moments within the project for you to share your progress or methods up to that point. These could be anything from a written blog post, a recorded conversation, or an instagram live. We are keen for you to use this time in the way that works best for you. 

The submission deadline for the open call will be 11:59 PM GMT on Monday 17th October.

We’d like to use this open call as an opportunity to connect with interactive designers, game-poets and makers interested in playful arts. If you are interested in the project and want to be connected to an artists’ network please do let us know through the form also.

Additional information:

We strongly encourage submissions from marginalised and underrepresented creatives within poetry, games and playful arts. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and work to accommodate all access requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nick Murray at [email protected] to discuss how to support you as best we can.

The Open Call will be reviewed by a team from Playing Poetry and Phoenix Leicester. We appreciate that these callouts can sometimes feel like a lottery, to reduce the labour going in, we have tried to make the application as short as possible. If you require any assistance with the application please get in touch at [email protected]

Given the continued unknowns around the pandemic and general issues of accessibility in public space we are very happy to consider remote or hybrid collaboration and can help to facilitate that. 

UK-based poets/game-makers/artists
Deadline: 11:59pm GMT on Monday 17th October.
Find the application form here.