Playing Poetry


Virtual Textual - Phoenix Leicester

Virtual Textual explores the digital aspects of game-based poetry, bringing together artists from across the globe in an exhibition that champions innovative, but also careful uses of technology.

Poetry Games - National Poetry Library

An exhibition of interactive works created by poets and game-makers from the UK and beyond. From landscapes composed of words, to nested poems about virtual creatures, Poetry Games presents a unique look at the exciting space where poetry and games combine and provides visitors with the possibility to explore this intersection.

Wood Wide Web - a Playing Poetry & Phoenix Leicester co-commision

As part of the Poetry Games exhibition at the National Poetry Library, Playing Poetry and Phoenix Cinema & Art Centre launched a commission to invite two artists to explore the intersection of poetic writing and game-making. Artists Mariana Marangoni and Rianna Suen collaborated over the course of two months, developing a joint practice looking at digital literacy, online communities and ecopoetics.

Short Course - The Poetry School

In conjunction with the Poetry Games exhibition, Nick Murray led Playing Poetry: An Introduction to Game Poetry & Poetry Games at the Poetry School, a short course that playfully explored how games and poetry can interact, and how interactivity can bring a new aspect to reading poetic text. Students were invited to explore a range of interactive and game-based poetry, reading and playing works by contemporary poets and game-makers. Over four sessions, students used forms such as Choose Your Own Adventure, hypertext poetry, and classic board games to create new playful poems that present the reader with a choice as to how to read them. This was practice-based and playful course that considered what poetry can be when the reader is presented with a series of interesting decisions.